• Seguridad Perimetral
    Security Perimeter - Security system based on intelligent video analysis and thermography.
  • Seguridad en Túneles
    Safety in Tunnels - Surveillance system, fire detection, detection of incidents and support the actions of emergency services in tunnels, based on infrared vision.
  • Equipos Especiales
    Special Products - Protection equipment and solutions.
  • Sistemas UAV's
    UAV's Systems - Unmanned aerial vehicles for civilian and military applications.


Revenga Smart Solutions,

is a global technology and innovation company providing added value solutions and services to the Security and Defense, Transportation and Traffic, Oil&Gas, Government, Healthcare and Telecommunication industries

An ongoing investment in I+D+i has enabled Revenga Smart Solutions to develop proprietary products and solutions such as IrisView e IrisTrack, the first family of UAVs currently in use by Spain´s security and defense corps, a range of infrared-based surveillance and detection services and solutions for prisons and other critical infrastructures, remotely operated automatic mobile scan systems and special equipment for rescue missions, border control and railway and airport security.

Revenga Smart Solutions, offers high security solutions and safety for the defense sector, counts with a network of fully or partially owned companies that serve specific needs when required:

  • Istria
    Istria: the company specializes in integrated high security, intelligence and cryptography products and solutions.
  • Revenga Seguridad
    Revenga Seguridad: fully owned subsidiary registered in Spain´s Register of High Security Companies - Ministry of Interior. The company exists to work in government projects when those are regulated by the Country´s Private Security Law.
  • NIT

    NIT: Global leading manufacturer of non-refrigerated infrared detectors and sensors.



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