• Seguridad Perimetral
    Security Perimeter - Security system based on intelligent video analysis and thermography.
  • Seguridad en Túneles
    Safety in Tunnels - Surveillance system, fire detection, detection of incidents and support the actions of emergency services in tunnels, based on infrared vision.
  • Equipos Especiales
    Special Products - Protection equipment and solutions.
  • Sistemas UAV's
    UAV's Systems - Unmanned aerial vehicles for civilian and military applications.

Technology and R&D Return

Innovation and R&D investment are part of our DNA and constitute the foundation of Revenga's Smart Solutions strategy, business model and sustainability.

As a result, Revenga Smart Solutions is able to integrate its infrared, telecommunications and IT technologies into solutions that have brought state-of-the-art security to critical infrastructures worldwide, improving their protection against potential risks as well as their efficiency.

From our Research and Development Center in Tres Cantos, Madrid, we have developed a portfolio of electronic security solutions that serve both the security concerns shared by our various clients as well as those requirements that are specific to each one of them.

Revenga Smart Solutions brings value to its clients all along the lifecycle of a project, providing resources at any given stage: Engineering, evaluation and assessment, execution by specialized technicians, FAT and SAT testing, maintenance and training, including as well as CRS incident management center.


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