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Triedro presentó IRISTUBE

Triedro presentó IRISTUBE


IrisTube takes tunnel safety to a new dimension where increased visibility turns into greater safety and an improved management of emergencies

Triedro, a global technology and   innovation company providing solutions and value added services in the defense and security, traffic and transportation, energy and telecommunications sectors, will attend “Tunnel Safety and Ventilation - New Developments in Tunnel Safety,” Europe´s event of reference on tunnel safety technology. The event, hosted by Graz University of Technology, will take place in Graz, Austria, in April 25-26.

At the event, Triedro will show the capabilities of IrisTube. IrisTube is the world’s first intelligent thermal-infrared platform with Automatic Incident Detection, Early Fire Detection and a detailed emergency guide for rescue teams based on 3D Modelling. Triedro´s solution enables immediate and precise tracking of any incident in a tunnel, even under extreme conditions. In addition, IrisTube thermography technology is, unlike other detection technologies, immune to environmental conditions, sun glare, headlights, reflections, etc. providing a more efficient management of staff and resources.

Triedro´s solution comprises a network of surveillance posts and a central unit for incident control and supervision. Each surveillance post operates independently and includes a detection and communications unit, designed to work with one or more infrared cameras (or CCTV). The control center gathers the incidents sent by the detection units and shows them on a diagrammatic plan and on the images coming from the infrared cameras. A central server sends the information to as many control centers as required. The system, already tested in the field for three years, has proved to be completely reliable and has greatly contributed to increase safety and, in extreme cases, save lives.